Virtual Assistant Definition

What Exactly IS a VA?

A simple Virtual Assistant definition is an executive assistant who works from home.

More formally, VAs are independent entrepreneurs who perform a wide variety of tasks from their own remote location.

These tasks may be administrative, financial, creative (like graphic design), or technical in nature. Click here for a closer look at the various tasks virtual assistants can perform.

VAs work on a contractual basis. Although its possible to use a VA for an isolated job, long-lasting partnerships are common.

Are Virtual Assistants Experienced?

Yes! Most VAs have many years of administrative experience in an office setting. Typically, 5 years is the minimal level of experience to be a competent virtual assistant.

VAs have served as:

  • executive assistants,
  • office managers, and
  • office supervisors.
They may have held titles in specialized areas, such as:
  • legal secretary or paralegal,
  • real estate assistant,
  • copywriter, or
  • IT specialist.
Some virtual assistants have completed training programs and/or received virtual assistant certification. Experience and a good track record, however, are by far the best indicators for competence.

Even though you do not hire a VA in the traditional sense, its still acceptable to ask for a resume listing work experience. You should also ask for a sample of their work and don't forget to get references.

Imagine the freedom!

Because VA's are Independent Contractors rather than employees, clients are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits.

That's just the tip of the iceberg when looking at the advantages of working with a virtual assistant.

Click here for more benefits - some of which may really surprise you!

A virtual assistant by definition is not physically at your work place. But with today's technological advances, presence isn't necessary for great working partnerships to be formed and vast amounts of work to be completed.

Communication easily takes place by phone, e-mail, fax, online work spaces or conferencing, and even courier.

Who uses VA's?

Some businesses lend themselves incredibly well to using virtual assistants. Click here for a list of the most common ones.

Is your profession on the list?

A Virtual Assistant is more than a definition, its a career that impacts small businesses around the world.


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