Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

benefits virtual assistant

Whether your business is large or a one-man-show, there can be several advantageous for you to outsource some of your workload.

Financial Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of working with a virtual assistant is the cost savings.

Reduce Overhead

  • VAs are independent contractors, not employees; meaning, they don't come with the added expenses of employees like payroll taxes, vacation/sick time, insurance and other benefits, overtime.
  • VAs work from their own location saving you on rent/office space, office supplies, furniture, equipment (phones, computer, etc).

Pay Only For Exactly What You Need

  • Utilize a VA with the specific skill you need, whether it be research, data entry, bookkeeping, writing/proofreading, or design. You can also select a VA according to area of expertise, like Real Estate, Law, Construction, etc.
  • VAs come fully trained, saving you training costs, downtime for training classes, and living through the learning curve.
  • Pay only for the work you need, when you need it. You don't pay for tardiness, bathroom breaks, lunch, checking emails, personal calls, facebook and tweeting. No supervision required.

No Temp Agency Fees

  • While using a "temp" is another way to augment your staff, temp agencies usually charge a fee, sometimes, each time you utilize their service.
  • With an agency, there's no guarantee you will get the same person each time you need help. Working with a VA allows you to partner with the same person for consistency and allows the VA to gain valuable knowledge of your business which benefits you every time you use them.

Increased Flexibility

Free Yourself...

  • concentrate on doing what you love, performing your essential business tasks that inspired you to go into business in the first place
  • dedicate more time to satisfying current customers and building stronger client relationships
  • focus on new business strategies and expansion
  • ...and your weekends, which are usually dedicated to catching up on administrative duties, cutting into time with family and friends.

Expand Your Offerings

  • VAs allow you to utilize skills you may not have, but require, like Graphic Design, Website Design and Maintenance; Search Engine Optimization, Multi-media Presentation Creation.
  • VAs typically stay current on the latest software and equipment, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of state-of-the-art technology without making the costly purchase.

Ultimately, each business owner will discover their own unique benefits of a Virtual Assistant. We hope this page has helped you learn some of the most common ones.

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